Indigrow AG & Hort

The current product range has been developed to suit the plant requirements of
a large numberor fruits, vegetables and other crops across all manner of climactic conditions.

Indigrow produces a comprehensive range of specialist nutritional products for
agriculture & horticulture. Indigrow design, develop and manufacture specialist major,
secondary and micronutrient fertiliser formulations including:


•    Soluble Powders
•    Liquid Foliar Fertilisers
•    Suspension Concentrates

•    Granular Fertilisers
•    Controlled Release Fertilisers
•    NPK Liquids and Powders
•    Adjuvants and Spraying Aids


Indigrow doesn’t just offer ‘off the shelf' products. Our specialists also custom
manufacture fertilisers, designed to maximise crop growth. The products are manufactured
from the highest quality ingredients which combine to produce the finest quality end product.

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