Indigrow Amenity

Indigrow is able to design, develop and manufacture specialist major, secondary and micronutrient fertiliser formulations. Indigrow has over 50 years of experience in fertiliser, wetting agent and irrigation products for the amenity sector. The current product range has been developed and improved over time to suit the plant requirements on managed amenity turf.




In addition to the product range that we supply we also offer custom manufacturing for specific requirements. Our manufacturing is carried out at a number of locations all of which are approved to ISO 9001:2000 or equivalent and this is backed up with modern distribution centres and logistics systems, used to handling and delivering quality products safely.


Customer service is a vital part of the package that Indigrow offer. We work with local suppliers and distributors to ensure that the product supplied can provide the exact quantities of nutrients required for optimum performance and maximum aesthetic effect.


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