• Seaweed Products

Indigrow’s Compass brand comprises a unique range of molecular seaweed and carbohydrate extract products. These seaweed products are produced using hand harvested ascophyllum nodosum, grown at a renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly source.


Compass products are seaweed based, utilising its ability to stimulate root growth. The seaweed helps the plant to produce thicker and stronger stems leading to an increase in vegetative growth.


The seaweed used in the Compass products is extracted from the plant using the latest cold cell burst technology. This technology is designed to keep all of the marine molecules intact, allowing them to maintain their bioactive properties. Compass molecular seaweed extract is rich in auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, vitamins, minerals and other plant hormone-like molecules. The end product is concentrated and finely filtered to ensure maximum solubility and guarantee ease of application.


The hormones found in the seaweed also help to protect the plant at times of stress. This can include protection from disease, insects, cold weather and drought. These benefits help to ensure that the turf maintains its colour and strength, also ensuring that it can be used year round.


The Compass range also helps with nutrient uptake. This is due to the indoles found in the seaweed extracts. As nutrient uptake is vital to the effectiveness of other liquid fertilisers, products in the Compass range are ideal partners to Indigrow’s Orbit and Fusion products, particularly Compass BioActive in a tank mix.

Product Analysis App. Rate Longevity Pack Coverage Pack Size MSDS
Bio-Complete 16.5% seaweed, 3.3% Fe, 1.6% wetting agent 10-20 lt/ha 4-6 weeks 5,000-10,000m² 10 lt Download
Bio-Active 10-20 lt/Ha 4-6 weeks 5,000-10,000m² 10 lt Download
Bio-Active OneShot 2-4 sachets/ha 4-6 weeks 5-10 ha 20 sachets Download
Composted Seaweed 2-2-1 35-75 g/m² 4-6 weeks 250-575m² 20 kg Download
Compass Granular 4-0-0 + 30% CaO, 2% MgO 20-40 g/m² 4-6 weeks 500-1,000m² 20 kg Download
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