• Bunker Liners

The New SandCatcher product range has been improved for 2015, and is designed to enable golf course designers to achieve more exciting and demanding bunkers.

Our SandCatcher range has been redeveloped and redesigned for 2015, offering improved sand retention and reduced pickup compared to previous versions.


SandCatcher bunker liners are performance engineered high loft non-woven sand stabilisation products, designed to meet the needs of architects, builders and greenkeepers the world over. Superior to other bunker liners, they have proven to have less ‘pickup’, in other words a club is less likely to catch the fibre, whilst still retaining the ability to hold the sand in place.


SandCatcher products are produced in a carbon neutral facility from recycled fibres. They are a truly environmentally friendly option.

Product Analysis App. Rate Longevity Pack Coverage Pack Size MSDS
SandCatcher 250 100m² 50x2m²
SandCatcher 750 50m² 25x2m²
SandCatcher Staples 33-62m² 500
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