Soil Analysis

To understand the nutritional status of the soil it is important that regular soil samples are taken which will highlight the inherent fertility and also see if current fertiliser practice is, over time, altering the base level of nutrients. The other factor to take into account is the soil pH. Not only do different species tolerate different pH levels but nutrient availability is also linked to pH.

Early spring is the best time to sample as a programme of fertiliser application for the whole season can then be formulated by your Indigrow representative. Where problems are seen, samples can be taken at any time of year.


Analysis Service

To ensure accurate, impartial results Indigrow have retained the services of The Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI, Bingley) to undertake our analysis in their laboratory. A wide range of analyses and tests are offered.

The Soil Analysis kits contain instructions on how to take samples, plastic bags to put the samples in, relevant forms to record what type of sample and where it is from and a postage paid envelope (UK only) to send samples direct to the STRI. The STRI has a licence from the UK authorities to import and analyse samples from outside the UK, but in these cases the cost of carriage has to be paid. All soil samples are chargeable.

To complete an effective soil analysis test, ensure you read the pack instructions carefully, make sure your equipment is clean and dry, number and clearly label all your samples and complete all the paperwork and return them as instructed in the pack. Do not sample directly after applying fertiliser.


Annual Fertiliser Programmes

From the results of analysis and in consultation with the greenkeeper or groundsman, we are able to produce a comprehensive annual fertiliser programme which calculates all costs and nutrient inputs.

Product Analysis App. Rate Longevity Pack Coverage Pack Size MSDS
Basic Soil Analysis 1 Sample Each
Comprehensive Soil Analysis 1 Sample Each
Particle Size Analysis 1 Sample Each
Organic Matter Testing 1 Sample Each
Organic Matter Testing - 4 Depths 1 Sample Each
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