Spraying Aids

Optik SuperSeekerIndigrow has developed the Optik range of spray dyes, paints and spraying aids to help turf managers with difficult to spray chemicals and to maintain the functionality of their turf across many sports.


Optik spray pattern indicators help highlight overlapping sprays, missed areas, spray drift and blocked nozzles. These spray pattern indicators can be essential in ensuring the correct quantity of fertiliser or pesticide is applied.


The spraying aids in the Optik range have been developed to improve chemical penetration, provide a foaming and anti-foam option, as well as providing an environmentally friendly chemical tank cleaner.

Product Analysis App. Rate Longevity Pack Coverage Pack Size MSDS
Optik SuperSeeker 10-20 lt/ha Up to 12 weeks 5,000-10,000m² 10 lts Download
Optik Plus Blue 250 ml 24-48 hours 10 lt Download
Optik Plus Green 250 ml 24-48 hours 10 lt Download
Optik Blue Spray Dye OneShot 1 sachet 24-48 hours 20 sachets Download
Optik Isolator OneShot 2-4 sachets 5-10 ha 20 sachets Download
Optik Anti-Foam 15-75 ml 1 lt Download
Optik Foam Bout Marker 1% of spray solution 2.5 lt Download
Optik Tank Cleaner 1 lt 5 lt Download
Optik Line Marker Aerosols As required
750ml - White
750ml - Yellow
750ml - Red
750ml - Blue
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