Turbine Granular Fertilisers

Turbine granular products use a binder as a control release mechanism which is a combination of plant derived, L-Lysine based microbial protein, and  short and long chain saccharides. Instead of MU acting as the bonding and release agent, as mineral versions, the L-Lysine based protein acts in very much the same way. The only way the granule can be broken down and in turn solubilise all the nutrients, is by soil microbial activity, hence nutrients are only released when temperatures are such that the turf is actively growing.


One of the real advantages of Turbine granular biological fertilisers is the solubility of the amino acids. Many traditional organic fractions are very slow to release (feather meal, bone meal, and particularly cured manure or sewerage bio-solids). This is particularly so, in cooler climates.


The amino acid profile in Turbine granular products is very soluble, using a combination of fast, medium and slow components, so that, a quicker yet sustained response is achieved.

Product Analysis App. Rate Longevity Pack Coverage Pack Size MSDS
Turbine 12-0-4 12-0-4 + 4% Fe 20-40g/m² 4-6 weeks 500-1,000m² 20 kg Download
Turbine 10-0-0 10-0-0 20-40g/m² 4-6 weeks 500-1,000m² 20 kg
Turbine 8-0-6 (WDG) 8-0-6 20-40g/m² 4-6 weeks 500-1,000m² 20 kg Download
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