Turbine Liquid Fertilisers

The basic component of all living cells is protein; the building blocks of these proteins are amino acids.


In healthy turf amino acids are synthesised from the primary elements; carbon and oxygen are obtained from air, and hydrogen from water, to form carbohydrate by means of photosynthesis, and then combining it with the nitrogen which the turf obtains from the soil. In turf stress conditions this process is compromised. L-amino acids are well known to increase healthy growth and overall turf quality, especially in turf stress situations such as cold, heat, drought and wear.


Amino acids can be supplied to turf by foliar application, such as through the use of Turbine Reaction and Turbine Reaction One Shot. Foliar nutrition in the form of organic protein based liquid fertilisers such as Turbine Crossflow provides ready-made building blocks for protein synthesis to occur.

Product Analysis App. Rate Longevity Pack Coverage Pack Size MSDS
Turbine Reaction 16.0% L-amino acids 2.5 lt/ha 2-3 weeks 10,000 m² 2.5 lt Download
Turbine Reaction OneShot 16.0% L-amino acids 2-4 sachets/ha 2-3 weeks 5-10 ha 20 sachets Download
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