• Liquid Iron

The Vector outfield fertilisers have been formulated as an economical alternative to the more traditional controlled release outfield fertilisers.


Vector outfield fertilisers, depending on analysis, utilise a combination of urea and ammoniacal nitrogen. The versatility of the Vector Fairway and Outfield Fertiliser range ensures that they are always some of our most highly recommended products.


The Vector outfield fertilisers are only available in 500 kg bulk bags, perfect for fairways, and large outfield areas. With each 500 kg bag covering 10,000-14,250m², they help greenkeepers and grounds managers maintain a consistent level of nutrient input over the duration of the growing season.

The Vector outfield fertilisers have a variety of major benefits to the greenkeeper and turf manager including: consistency of granulation, excellent green-up and growth and a typical longevity of 4–8 weeks.

Product Analysis App. Rate Longevity Pack Coverage Pack Size MSDS
Liquid 9 Iron 9.0% Fe 40-80 lt/Ha 4-6 weeks
2.5-5 Ha
12.5-25 Ha
10 lt
200 lt
1,000 lt
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