Wetting Agents

The use of wetting agents on turf surfaces has increased over the years as more research has led to a greater understanding of dry patch. Waxy residues from the breakdown of plant tissue, bicarbonate deposits from fertilisers and irrigation water coat the soil particles which block up pores. This leads to localised dry spot areas which can induce turf wilt and eventually death of the grass sward.


On the back of this research, Indigrow has developed Magnum, its own range of wetting agents. Magnum wetting agents can work in a number of ways. Curative wetting agents are designed to be applied to an existing hydrophobic condition, whilst preventative wetting agents are applied in the spring and repeated throughout the season help to hold moisture in these potentially hydrophobic areas. Penetrant wetting agents open up the soil profile and allow excessive water to drain away and dispersant products help prevent the build-up of dew.

Product Analysis App. Rate Longevity Pack Coverage Pack Size MSDS
357 Calibre 10-20 lt/Ha 4-8 weeks
10-20 ha
10 lt
200 lt
CO 10-20 lt/Ha 4-8 weeks 5,000-10,000m² 10 lt Download
Citrique 2.5 lt/Ha 4-8 weeks 10,000m² 2.5 lt Download
Forty-Four 20-40 lt/Ha 2-4 weeks
5-10 Ha
10 lt
200 lt
Forty-Four OneShot 2-4 sachets/Ha 2-4 weeks 5-10 Ha 20 sachets Download
Granular 10 g/m² 4-6 weeks 1,000 m² 10 kg Download
Applicator Pellets 1 pellet / 2,000-3,000m² 2-4 weeks 10,000-15,000m² 5 pellets Download
Blaster Pellets 1 pellet 8-12 weeks 1 pellet Download
Recoil 10 lt/Ha 10-14 days 10,000m² 10 lt Download
345 Pellet Pro Applicator
345 Pellet Pro Starter Pack 1 pellet /2,000- 3,000m² 4-6 ha 1 Magnum 345 Pellet Pro Applicator & 4 tubes of Magnum Applicator Pellets
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