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Asset – our latest biostimulant innovation

When stressed, plants naturally produce osmolytes to help combat the environmental stresses. Production is favoured under water-deficit or salt stress as they provide stress tolerance to cell without interfering cellular function. We developed our biostimulant, Asset, which is one a of a group of these osmolyte compounds and is extracted from a plant species which has naturally occurring high levels.

Asset helps overcome plant stress and aids recovery by:

  • Osmotic Regulation
  • Cell Membrane Protection
  • Reduction in Free Radical Production
  • Protection of Photosynthetic Biochemical Pathways

Asset is used to coat our ImpactPlus fine turf fertilisers, as well as is more of our biostimulant products. The ImpactPlus range has been developed to promote healthy, strong turf, with the biostimulant coating enhancing the benefits to the turf. Comprising a number of different nutrients in a variety of formulations, our ImpactPlus range is highly effective on all soil types with differing base nutrient levels, and are all coated in our Asset biostimulant to help improve turf vigour and root density.

Our biostimulamt, Asset, has been proven in independent trials to increase ground cover of newly sown seed, increase levels of growth and recovery and improve root density, the trial results can be seen below. Trials were undertaken using our ImpactPlus products and a control NPK product without the Asset coating.

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