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Bio-stimulant Coated Fertilisers

Our ImpactPlus Range

Enhanced nutrient use efficiency is crucial when choosing the correct fertiliser to maximise return on investment. Indigrow has produced the high quality ImpactPlus range, which combines a range of slow release nitrogen sources in well balanced NPK formulations. It has also been coated in our Asset Gold bio-stimulant to further optimise nutrient uptake from the fertiliser applications.

Balancing utilisation efficiencies is essential to optimising input added value. Maximising the plants uptake of applied nutrients is crucial for both economic and environmental reasons.

The management of nitrogen availability plays a major role in enhancing nutrient uptake. Only applying nutrients to meet sufficiency levels for turf uptake is vital to avoid wastage and negative environmental impact, therefore minimising potential losses via volatilisation and leaching requires fine tuning.

The ImpactPlus range

ImpactPlus and Asset Gold

Our Asset Gold coated fine turf fertilisers have a highly active bio-stimulant coating. They have been developed to promote healthy, strong turf, with the bio-stimulant coating further enhancing these benefits. By carefully selecting a number of different nutrients in a variety of formulations, our Asset Gold coated range of fine turf fertilisers are highly effective on all soil types with differing base nutrient levels, and are proven to help improve turf vigour and root density.

The Asset Gold coating is a formulation of natural sustainable osmolytes specifically chosen to enhance root development and reduce abiotic stress . Through independent trials it has been proven to encourage vigour, recovery and root mass by providing specific amino acids that reduce the turfs own requirement to produce them during development and perturbations.

When stressed, plants naturally produce osmolytes to help combat the environmental stresses. Production is favoured under water-deficit or salt stress as they provide stress tolerance to cells without interfering with cellular function. Asset Gold is one of a group of these osmolyte compounds and is extracted from a plant species which has naturally occurring high levels.

Asset Gold helps overcome plant stress and aids recovery by:

  • Osmotic Regulation
  • Cell Membrane Protection
  • Reduction in Free Radical Production
  • Protection of Photosynthetic Biochemical Pathways

Our bio-stimulant, Asset Gold, has been proven in independent trials to increase ground cover of newly sown seed, increase levels of growth and recovery and improve root density. All of our Fine Turf Fertilisers with Asset Gold contain a plant derived organic base, resulting in a high organic matter percentage. This organic matter acts as a readily available food source for beneficial soil flora.

Independent trial results support the use of the Asset Gold coating which improves osmotic regulation cell membrane protection reduction in free radical production and protection of photosynthetic biochemical pathways.

Chart showing the Growth & Recovery and root density of our ImpactPlus (Bio-stimulant Coated Fertilisers) range versus a control NPK fertiliser

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