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Compass Bio-Active – Independent Laboratory Trials

Indigrow Product Compass Bio-Active 10 Litres

Compass seaweed products from Indigrow

Indigrow have worked to develop a range of seaweed products – to help evaluate their performance, they enlisted the help of Levity Crop Science.

Independent Lab Trials

Levity have a specialist team of scientists that have the know-how to test crop nutrition, bio-stimulants and stress tolerance products. They run experiments on nutrient and bio-stimulants week in week out, and have developed world class experimental techniques unique to Levity.

The Aim

To analyse the effects of the growth enhancer ‘Compass Bio-Active OneShot’ on the turf grass Lolium, at a range of application rates above and below the recommended rate of 4 sachets per hectare (0.8kg/Ha w/v in 300L water). The major focus of this work is on the early growth and morphology of roots.

Analytical Methods

Root growth bioassay uses controlled conditions combined with high definition image analysis and sophisticated analytical software, to evaluate how exposure to products aff­ects root growth and architecture. They used at least five replicates per treatment to guarantee whether diff­erences seen are statistically significant or not.


Compass Bio-Active OneShot significantly increases root length, total network length and perimeter within the first two weeks of growth. It also significantly increases the growth of tillers at the recommended application rate. The conclusions drawn by Levity Crop Science indicated that, when applied at the recommended application rate, Compass Bio-Active OneShot will increase the ability of turf grass roots to scavenge deeper soil for water and nutrients from an early stage in their growth development.

Benefits of Compass Seaweed Products

Compass seaweed products utilise the latest cold cell burst technology and are available in granular, liquid or soluble formulations. As shown in the trials undertaken, they also help to stimulate root growth and are manufactured from a renewable and sustainable source.

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