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Duddingston Golf Club utilise their Assets

A beautiful picture of Duddingston Golf Club showing the effects of Asset Gold Chitosan Titanium

Indigrow launched their Asset range in 2020 and initial interest in the three products was excellent.

One of the most interested in the new product range was John Guthrie, Course Manager at Duddingston Golf Club.

John decided to purchase all three of the products, Asset Gold, Asset Chitosan and Asset Titanium, for use on his greens as an early season application.

Two applications were made in mid-April and mid-May, each time tank mixing 1 litre of each of the three products. John elected to only add the three Asset products to his spray tank to help him judge the true effectiveness of the three products in combination.

It was early in the season and John decided to apply the three products, stating “after seeing the early signs of disease on our greens surfaces, I decided to apply the Asset range of Titanium, Gold and Chitosan to strengthen plant defences and improve the aesthetics for the members”.

Following the application, we spoke to John again; “after two or three days there were no signs of disease on the surfaces. They have since remained disease free since the application with an enhanced colour”.

The combination of the three products has really made a difference to John, his course and his club members. The Asset Gold helped to reduce the stresses from environmental conditions, including waterlogging in the wet Spring. The Asset Chitosan assisted by supplying the plant with available carbohydrates for energy, also boosting the plants natural defences against disease, whilst the Asset Titanium help boost the colour through the application of Titanium helping the plant to use the already available iron in the soil.

Applications were made of 1 litre of each product in 400 litres of water on both occasions with the applications being made one month apart.

Beautiful Golf Green from use of the Indigrow Asset Range

More information on our Asset range of products can be found here: Indigrow Asset Range

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