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Ironing out problems in a post-Winter world

Indigrow Product Fusion Liquid Fe 10 Litres

The early spring can be a challenging time for professional turf managers, particularly in Northern Europe. Shorter days, snow cover, excess rainfall and many other issues including fallen leaves can lead to poor conditions to grow managed amenity turf.

Avoiding Chlorosis

Many of these factors can lead to reduced sunlight being absorbed by the turfgrass leaf blade. In turn, this can lead to a lack of chlorophyll production eventually leading to pale, yellowing of the leaf, know as chlorosis.

One method of reducing the effect of chlorosis is to apply iron to the turfgrass. Iron is essential in the biochemical synthesis of the chlorophyll module, and regular applications during periods of reduced light intensity can help to ensure that the plant continues its necessary chlorophyll production and helps to avoid chlorosis.

Choosing the Correct Iron Source

Fusion Liquid Fe is our concentrated liquid iron formulation containing 6.5% Fe for application throughout the year, but particularly in cooler, darker weather conditions. Regular applications of Fusion Liquid Fe will stimulate chlorophyll production and help to avoid chlorosis.

Increase Chlorophyll Production

By increasing chlorophyll production, Fusion Liquid Fe will help with a  rapid green up of the turfgrass plant, improving aesthetic appearance. This product will offer approximately six weeks of green up without blackening, depending on the prevailing climactic conditions.

This liquid iron product will also help to toughen the sward, offering increases disease resistance, as well as some plant stress relief. The increased disease resistance could be increasingly important at the current time in Northern Europe due to periods of prolonged snow cover.

The latest improvements to Fusion Liquid Fe mean that it is now fully compatible in a tank mix with many other products in the Indigrow range.

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