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Is your knowledge of Iron a little rusty?

Indigrow Product Fusion Liquid Fe 10 Litres

The Benefits of the Right Iron Applications

Iron (Fe) plays an important role in Chlorophyll production. It reduces the potential of deficiency and subsequent chlorosis. There is a very large correlation between Fe availability and colour response in managed turf. The availability of applied Fe is reduced by high pH levels in the soil and spraying water.

Fusion Liquid Fe:

  • Prevents Fe deficiency potential in acidic sands
  • Offers rapid greening effect from Fe application

Visable Greenup from foliar applied Fusion Liquid Fe

Your Shade of Green?

Ferrous Sulphate (Ferrous Fe2+) is the most commonly used form of Iron used to achieve cost effective rapid green up. Unfortunately as a stand alone raw material there are many pitfalls to using it in this basic form for professional turf managers. Using the most basic powder form can be more hazardous to the operator and very time consuming. Often time constraints and the demand for visually pleasing results within days reduces the window of opportunity to spray.

pH effect on Fe Availability in soils

Reducing your soil pH by one is enough to increase Iron availability by 100 times.
Even reducing your soil pH by one is enough to increase Iron availability by 100 times.

Obstacles to Nutrient Adsorption and Absorption

  • Spray Droplet surface tension can cause bounce off of nutrient solution to the soil surface not adhering to foliage
  • Incorrect Droplet size can burst and splash causing run off from waxy cuticle surface
  • Too small droplet size can increased risk of spray drift resulting in irregular coverage
  • Lack of adjuvant creates inconsistent cover layer over cuticle causing uneven distribution
  • Lack of complexing agent or antioxidant can lead to premature oxidation reduced efficacy
  • Lack of complexing agent can reduce absorption and penetration

The advanced formulation in Fusion Liquid Fe helps overcome all of these obstacles ensuring maximum adsorption and absorption of of the applied Fe. The important 20% of the formulation adjuvant complexing agent and antioxidant which increase the efficacy of the nutrient adsorption and uptake. This has a magnified impact on the performance of similar independently raw materials or products without sufficient formulation aids.

Efficiency of Foliar Application with Fusion Liquid Fe

  • Limited interaction with soil reduces potential lock up
  • Foliar applied leaves no visible residues
  • Less nutrient required, making Fusion Liquid Fe 7-8 times more efficient than cheaper Fe sources
  • Even application for consistent results
  • Rapid assimilation of Fe fast greening response
  • Added anti-oxidants help stabilise formulation
  • Very high solubility of Fe source and high concentration of Fe
  • Inclusion of adjuvant to optimise droplet size, reduce surface tension bounce, increase spreading, wetting, sticking and penetration
  • Complexing/Chelating agent to enhance nutrient availability

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