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Optik Bronco – Testimonial

Indigrow Product Optik Bronco

Optik Bronco

Optik Bronco is our latest turf colourant, based on the newest available technologies to help protect turf from harmful or excessive UV radiation. Our long-lasting formulation offers turf managers a simple method of maintaining turf appearance helping to increase colour during periods of stress. Applications of Optik Bronco should be made every three weeks during the growing season, but can be applied less frequently out of the main growing season. The natural dark green colour of Optik Bronco offers near-instant natural looking turf green up, ideal for tournament preparation. 

Since it’s introduction at the beginning of 2021, Optik Bronco has been used by our customers over the course of the last six months and we are starting to gather real-world feedback.

More information on Optik Bronco can be found by using this link.

Greenburn Golf Club, Scotland

Stuart Speirs is the Head Greenkeeper at Greenburn Golf Club. The unseasonal weather this year left the course struggling for growth at a time when they would normally have expected to have been cutting the course regularly. Stuart turned to Optik Bronco to help add colour to his greens due to the absence of actively growing turf.

“We applied our first application in early Spring, when we were struggling for growth and have used the product every month since. Optik Bronco gives excellent colour and is a handy product to use for tournament green up if you don’t want to use the usual iron products.”

Applications were made at 1lt per hectare in 400lts water. Stuart told us “Optik Bronco tank mixes well with all products I have tried it with so far, including liquid feeds and plant health products”.

Left: 24 hours after application of Optik Bronco. Right: 5 days after application of Optik Bronco
Left: 24 hours after application. Right: 5 days after application

Motala Golf AB, Sweden

Jimmy Johansson, Course Manager at Motala Golf AB, chose to use Optik Bronco for the first time this year, instead of one of the other products available in the industry.

“I’ve been using pigments before and always with good results so I gave Bronco a chance this year. The lower cost per hectare compared to the product I had used previously made Optik Bronco a very attractive option”.

The applications of Optik Bronco gave Jimmy the change of colour he desired from the product. “I would say it takes a few days before you can see a good colour change on the turf, but after that, the colour is excellent and long lasting. The application of Optik Bronco gave us the colour we needed after a tough winter”.

Airdrie Golf Club, Scotland

Head Greenkeeper, Scott McKnight, at Airdrie Golf Club chose Optik Bronco this season, having used competitor products previously. Scott utilises colourants to help protect his turf from high levels of U.V. stress.

”The big difference visible after applying Optik Bronco is that the greens didn’t look as stressed out as they were the previous day. I felt that Optik Bronco was offering excellent protection quickly from any harmful U.V. radiation”.

One of the major benefits, compared to other similar products, is the longevity of Optik Bronco. Longevity is intrinsictly linked to frequency of cut, but Scott told us ”I’ve used similar products that simply don’t have the longevity of Bronco”.

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