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Preparing for Winter

Turf & Amenity

Winter can be a stressful time for greenkeepers and groundsmen – some simple steps outlined below can help to keep your playing surface in top condition.


Remember as the daylight reduces be vigilant in your inspection for fungal disease. You can now use fungicides which stay in the leaf because of reduced mowing.

Remove the dew each morning and raise the height of cut to 5-6mm.

This is the time of year when leaves fall from the trees onto the golf course. It is essential that these leaves are removed on a daily basis to prevent leaves smothering the turf and harming the surface in the long run.

Shut down the irrigation system and ensure it is ready for winter and not left open to damage.

Fairway spiking may be carried out in October as the ground is perfect for this, being not too wet or not too dry. Continue to aerate the greens as well.

Applications of potassium (Solar K) and iron (Fusion Liquid Fe/Solar Fe) can be helpful to harden the turf against disease.

Indigrow Product Solar K (Potassium) which can help in before winter sets in
Solar K
Indigrow Product Fusion Liquid Fe 10 Litres which can help in before winter sets in
Fusion Liquid Fe

November / December

Very low daylight so disease pressure is at its highest. There are several fungicides which can be used, specifically developed for the colder conditions. Ask your Indigrow representative for advice in your region.

Remove the dew each morning and aerate with slitting or round solid tines. To help with stress caused by low daylight, apply amino acid liquid (Turbine Reaction OneShot) and iron (Fusion Liquid Fe) mixed with small amount of penetrant wetter (Magnum Forty-Four OneShot)

Continue to aerate the greens by slit tining and take tees out of action for winter if needs be.

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