Impact Humik NPK 5-2-1

Impact Humik NPK is derived from soybean extract and contains more than 70% organic matter. It’s 5-2-1 analysis with humic acid and trace elements makes this an ideal product to feed fairways and outfields without encouraging excessive growth. The humic and amino acids, along with the trace elements help to  promote all round plant health.

  • Benefits from naturally occuring trace elements including: calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese
  • Suitable for use on fairways and outfields
  • A balanced NPK feed
  • Includes naturally occurring amino and humic acids


Spezifikation Wert
Granulatgröße SGN 150-250
Schnitthöhe >10mm
NPK Zusammensetzung 5-2-1
Packungsgröße 20 kgs
Abdeckung 500-1.000m²
Aufwandmenge 2-4 kg/100m²
Methode Streuwagen
Vorgeschlagene Bodentemperatur für Anwendung (oC)
Minimal Optimal Maximal
8 18 30


Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 20 kg

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