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Testimonial – Heworth Golf Club, UK

The golf greens at The gorgeous greens at Heworth Golf Club, UK

Heworth Golf Club is an 18 hole parkland golf course located in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. The club has been in existence since 1912 and has been an Indigrow customer for many years.

Head greenkeeper, Peter Vinton, spoke to us about his course management practices, and how he utilises Indigrow products in his regular feeding and maintenance programme.

Impact Organic Fine 14-2-8

The focus of Peter’s greens programme is Impact Organic 14-2-8 Fine. Peter has used the product every year since he’s been head greenkeeper. The Impact Organic 14-2-8 Fine is applied three times a year on the greens at Heworth Golf Club at a rate of 40g/m².

Peter told us, “the Impact Organic 14-2-8 Fine gives our greens all of the nutrients they require throughout the season. I’ve tried other products both from Indigrow and from other suppliers, and none of them give us the response we are used to getting from the Impact Organic 14-2-8 Fine”.

“We aim to be an environmentally responsible company and we look for organic products whenever it’s possible to do so. The organic nature of the product fits with our strategy here.”

Depending on the weather conditions, occasionally Peter has to supplement his granular feeding programme with a supplementary liquid feed.

The gorgeous greens at Heworth Golf Club, UK

Magnum Forty-Four OneShot

During the cooler, wetter months, Peter uses Magnum Forty-Four OneShot to help reduce any excess surface water on his greens. “The major benefit of Magnum Forty-Four OneShot is that it can be used in almost any tank mix, so it’s easy to apply four sachets with each application. We apply either two or four sachets with every tank mix depending on the amount of rainfall we’ve had or are predicted”.

“By using the concentrated sachets, we are able to save huge amount of storage space in our sheds, as well as reducing the amount of packaging that we have to dispose of, which helps with our desire to be as environmentally responsible as possible.”

The luscious fairway at Heworth Golf Club, UK

More information about Heworth Golf Club, and course photos can be found on their Twitter account @heworthgolf or on their website:

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