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Tyrifjord Golf Club – Product Testimonial

Impact granular fertilisers are a mainstay of our nutrition programme at Tyrifjord Golf Klubb. We have used Impact fertilisers for many years, on our greens, tees and fairways.

For the last couple of years, we have started the season with Impact Accelerate 14-0-12. Coming out of the cold and snow-covered winters in Norway, it is important for us to give the turf a fighting chance at the beginning of the growing season. By using Impact Accelerate at 20g/m² on the greens at the start of the season, we’re able to get some early season growth along with a fantastic rich green colour despite the still relatively low temperatures.

The green of Tyrifjord Golf Club, Norway

On our fairways, we have used Impact CGF 26-5-8 for over 7 years. It’s the 1st product to be added to our fertiliser order every season. The Impact CGF 26-5-8 is applied at 30g/m² the start of June to all of our fairways and we then don’t need to apply anything else until the following season. The best thing about this product is the longevity of the controlled release nitrogen. We have never seen any scorching or flushes of growth and it continues to feed the plant for more than the 12 weeks it states on the bag. The turf still holds its colour even into next spring.

The green of Tyrifjord Golf Club, Norway

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