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Using SuperSeeker to raise soil temperatures in Spring

SuperSeeker is a further development of our pigment technology combining a high pigment content and a unique binding and sticking capacity. Through the darker green colour on the turf surface more UV light is absorbed meaning a localised heating of the canopy by up to 2 degrees. In countries with a shorter playing season this can be very important.

SuperSeeker has been used to great effect in Scandinavia where all courses are under huge pressure to open as early as possible in the Spring after months of snow cover.

Landeryds Golf Klubb, Sweden, used SuperSeeker in March in their bid to get their course open sooner than other courses in the area. SuperSeeker was applied to the greens at 20 lt/ha in 375 lt water per hectare. At the time of application, the soil temperature was 8 degrees. All photos were taken 24 hours after application.

Using SuperSeeker in Landeryds Golf Klubb, Sweden

The pigment in SuperSeeker helped raise the soil temperatures over the proceeding days, encouraging early growth.

As an added benefit, the SuperSeeker helped ensure that, despite the different grass species on the greens, a homogenous dark green colour was achieved in time for the course opening.

Using SuperSeeker in Landeryds Golf Klubb, Sweden

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