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Video – Solar True Foliar Feeds

Solar True Foliar Feeds

Not all liquids are true foliar feeds. One of the key benefits of a true foliar feed is that the nutrients are absorbed through the leaf of the plant and bypass the root system, even in high stress conditions. This not only maximises nutrient uptake but reduces leaching of nutrients into the environment unlike conventional liquid fertilisers. Solar foliar feeds penetrate the epidermis and transcuticular pores on the foliage, which are open virtually all the time compared to stomata.

Our Solar range of activated foliar feeds has been developed to include proprietary complexing agents, surfactants and other formulation aids to provide enhanced uptake and utilisation whilst reducing leaching and volatilisation. The range uses a blend of organic acids, carbohydrates, and other natural organic formulants to achieve optimum leaf uptake and nutrient translocation.

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