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George Washington Golf & Country Club – Product Testimonial

George Washington Square, beautiful, luscious green up

The George Washington Golf Club is a former venue for the Sunderland Masters and is one of the most challenging golf courses in the North East of England. Head Greenkeeper, Mark Hornsby, has had several challenges in ensuring a high-quality playing surface for the competitions they host, as well as for the regular members.

Part of the challenge has been to ensure a strong green colour without promoting excessive top growth in an area of the country where water management can be an issue due to the amount of rainfall.

Mark is a regular user of the full range of Indigrow products, but has two particular “go-to” products, Magnum 357 Calibre and Compass Bio-Complete for his tees programme.

Mark stated, “for the last two seasons, I have applied Magnum 357 Calibre (20 lt/ha) & Compass Bio-Complete (20 lt/ha) as a seasonal programme.

Due to the large expanse of tee area on my course I did not want any excessive growth, but an even, dense manageable growth pattern was required.

I found the tank mix of the above products resulted in an acceptable growth, cut & water management regime. I am more than pleased with the results these products give.”

The green at George Washington Golf & Country Club

The added penetrant wetting agent element of Compass Bio-Complete complements the water holding capabilities of Magnum 357 Calibre, ensuring that even in periods of excess rainfall, Mark was able to keep his tees in top condition.

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