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Rockliffe Hall Golf & Spa Hotel – Product Testamonial

The five-star Rockliffe Hall Golf & Spa Hotel, situated on the County Durham and North Yorkshire border in the North East of England, has been a regular Indigrow customer for many years. They have tried, tested and regularly use a range of Indigrow products to help maintain an excellent playing surface for their guests.

More recently, they have adopted the OneShot range into their turf maintenance programme. This unique collection of products has helped them improve their playing surfaces by adding the variety of nutrients and biostimulants required by the turf.

Jon Wyer, Head Greenkeeper, has utilised the full range of products in the OneShot range in his annual programme.

When asked about the range, Jon stated “The Indigrow One Shot Range has been an integral part of our stress management program throughout the summer months.  The concentrated sachets allow for easy storage and mixing, saving valuable time. The extensive range allows us to tailor various tank mixes to deal with the variable and unpredictable weather conditions.”

All of the products are used at the full four sachets per hectare rate to maximise nutrient input, and have led to some playing surfaces which their guests and members have thoroughly enjoyed playing on.

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ImpactPlus Accelerate 14-0-12 – End User Trials

Impact Accelerate 14-0-12 has long been used in Scandinavia and throughout Europe as a first granular fertiliser application in early Spring. The initial growth effect and early colour provided by this product has helped many courses open earlier in the season when snow cover has melted. During 2018, Indigrow reformulated this product with the addition of Asset, our unique biostimulant coating. Becoming ImpactPlus Accelerate 14-0-12, we were delighted to hear from the course manager at Foxhills Golf Club regarding the success he has had with our latest innovation.

Foxhills Golf Club, Surrey, have been a regular user of Indigrow products for many years. This Spring the course manager, David Wyborn, trialled three different products as his cold start fertiliser. Our ImpactPlus Accelerate 14-0-12 outperformed the comparable products from two different competitors in terms of early colour and growth. The results from his trial ensured that he will choose ImpactPlus Accelerate 14-0-12 as his go-to cold starter product for next season across the whole course.

The trials undertaken by Dave followed by a visit from our agronomist Ian Craig. Whilst undertaking some soil structure tests, it was noted that the greens were a great colour for the time of year.

Samples were taken from several points on the course for our Quality Master Plan (QMP) analysis service. QMP provides physical analysis allowing us to understand what is going on under the surface. Only after physical analysis is nutrient analysis relevant as turf can only utilise nutrients in the most efficient manor with a properly functioning rootzone. The objective measurable data that we’re able to give David and the rest of his team at Foxhills will be invaluable in ensuring that they have a top performing surface for their customers throughout the year.

More information about items in this update can be found at the below links:

ImpactPlus fertilisers and their biostimulant coating
ImpactPlus Accelerate 14-0-12

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Using SuperSeeker to raise soil temperatures in Spring

SuperSeeker is a further development of our pigment technology combining a high pigment content and a unique binding and sticking capacity. Through the darker green colour on the turf surface more UV light is absorbed meaning a localised heating of the canopy by up to 2 degrees. In countries with a shorter playing season this can be very important.

SuperSeeker has been used to great effect in Scandinavia where all courses are under huge pressure to open as early as possible in the Spring after months of snow cover.

Landeryds Golf Klubb, Sweden, used SuperSeeker in March in their bid to get their course open sooner than other courses in the area. SuperSeeker was applied to the greens at 20 lt/ha in 375 lt water per hectare. At the time of application, the soil temperature was 8 degrees. All photos were taken 24 hours after application.

The pigment in SuperSeeker helped raise the soil temperatures over the proceeding days, encouraging early growth.

As an added benefit, the SuperSeeker helped ensure that, despite the different grass species on the greens, a homogenous dark green colour was achieved in time for the course opening.

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Asset – our latest biostimulant innovation

When stressed, plants naturally produce osmolytes to help combat the environmental stresses. Production is favoured under water-deficit or salt stress as they provide stress tolerance to cell without interfering cellular function. We developed our biostimulant, Asset, which is one a of a group of these osmolyte compounds and is extracted from a plant species which has naturally occurring high levels.

Asset helps overcome plant stress and aids recovery by:

  • Osmotic Regulation
  • Cell Membrane Protection
  • Reduction in Free Radical Production
  • Protection of Photosynthetic Biochemical Pathways

Asset is used to coat our ImpactPlus fine turf fertilisers, as well as is more of our biostimulant products. The ImpactPlus range has been developed to promote healthy, strong turf, with the biostimulant coating enhancing the benefits to the turf. Comprising a number of different nutrients in a variety of formulations, our ImpactPlus range is highly effective on all soil types with differing base nutrient levels, and are all coated in our Asset biostimulant to help improve turf vigour and root density.

Our biostimulamt, Asset, has been proven in independent trials to increase ground cover of newly sown seed, increase levels of growth and recovery and improve root density, the trial results can be seen below. Trials were undertaken using our ImpactPlus products and a control NPK product without the Asset coating.

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Update – Independent Solar Pro-Active Trials

Indigrow’s range of formulated biostimulants have been proven to enhance crop establishment and performance, achieving great results in independent tests. Rate of application is crucial and therefore to assist growers in terms of optimum usage rates independent trials were commissioned with Levity Crop Science.

The specialist crop science team at Levity undertook the bioassay work to establish the impact of a range of application rates against a control on root structure and the implications to establishment, nutrient and water uptake.

The Aim

To analyse the effect of the bio-stimulant Solar ProActive on the root development and structures of a grass Lolium when applied at a range of rates.

Analytical Methods

The Levity root growth bioassay protocol is based on controlled conditions combined with high definition image analysis and sophisticated analytical software, to evaluate how exposure to products affects root growth and architecture. At least 5 replicates per treatment to guarantee whether differences seen are statistically significant or not.


The Solar Pro-Active has appositive effect on root length and root hair production resulting in an overall increase in the root network volume. The most consistent and largest impact was found between 0.4 L/ha and 2.5 L/ha see Fig below.Benefits

Solar Pro-Active will increase the grass ability to access deeper soil layers of water and increase overall root volume to enhance nutrient uptake from very early in the crops establishment.

There is little effect of Solar Pro-Active on tiller height. At recommended application rates it is predicted that turf will not need increased mowing frequencies, whilst the enhanced nutrient uptake from the longer roots will help improve overall plant health.Conclusions

Within 2 weeks of growth, Solar Pro-Active has the following effects on individual roots:

  • Increased root length
  • Increased root hair growth
  • Reduced root width
  • Suppression of lateral rooting (reduced number of connected components)

Solar Pro-Active has the following beneficial effects on the root network:

  • Increased network area
  • Increased network perimeter
  • Increased network length
  • Increased network volume

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The Importance of Wetting Agents in a Dry Summer – Garesfield Golf Club

Garesfield Golf Club have used Indigrow products for several years and have stepped up their usage and variety of products every year. Since the beginning of the season, they have used a range of granular fertilisers, wetting agents and OneShot products on their greens and tees to maintain an excellent standard for their members.

The programme was started in early March with an application Impact Organic 14-2-8 Fine at 35 g/m². The sole granular application was used to kick start the growing period after a winter of very unfavourable conditions, which included serval weeks of snow cover.

One temperatures rose, an initial wetting agent application of Magnum 357 Calibre was applied, in a tank mix with three OneShot products; Solar Pro-Active OneShot, Compass Bio-Active OneShot and Magnum Forty-Four OneShot. All of the OneShot products were applied at the recommended rate of 4 sachets/ha.

The tank mix applications were applied monthly during the growing season.

Head Greenkeeper, Chris Wood, told us: “During the current period of sustained dry weather, it’s clear to see that the water holding technologies of Magnum 357 Calibre have maintained the correct moisture levels in the greens as these have kept their colour and playability.

Budgetary restraints and a lack of irrigation system have prevented Chris (Head Greenkeeper) from being able to keep colour on the surrounds and fairways during this sustained dry period, however, as soon as rain falls, it’s expected that the turf will make a full and swift recovery.

Chris also reported this year that the combination of products used has led to significantly less demand for fungicide and has vastly reduced his applications of iron due to the increased disease resistance from the mix of products applied.

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Compass Bio-Active – Independent Laboratory Trials

Compass seaweed products from Indigrow

Indigrow have worked to develop a range of seaweed products – to help evaluate their performance, they enlisted the help of Levity Crop Science.

Independent Lab Trials

Levity have a specialist team of scientists that have the know-how to test crop nutrition, biostimulants and stress tolerance products. They run experiments on nutrient and biostimulants week in week out, and have developed world class experimental techniques unique to Levity.

The Aim

To analyse the effects of the growth enhancer ‘Compass Bio-Active OneShot’ on the turf grass Lolium, at a range of application rates above and below the recommended rate of 4 sachets per hectare (0.8kg/Ha w/v in 300L water). The major focus of this work is on the early growth and morphology of roots.

Analytical Methods

Root growth bioassay uses controlled conditions combined with high definition image analysis and sophisticated analytical software, to evaluate how exposure to products aff­ects root growth and architecture. They used at least five replicates per treatment to guarantee whether diff­erences seen are statistically significant or not.


Compass Bio-Active OneShot significantly increases root length, total network length and perimeter within the first two weeks of growth. It also significantly increases the growth of tillers at the recommended application rate. The conclusions drawn by Levity Crop Science indicated that, when applied at the recommended application rate, Compass Bio-Active OneShot will increase the ability of turf grass roots to scavenge deeper soil for water and nutrients from an early stage in their growth development.

Benefits of Compass Seaweed Products

Compass seaweed products utilise the latest cold cell burst technology and are available in granular, liquid or soluble formulations. As shown in the trials undertaken, they also help to stimulate root growth and are manufactured from a renewable and sustainable source.