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Asset – our latest biostimulant innovation

When stressed, plants naturally produce osmolytes to help combat the environmental stresses. Production is favoured under water-deficit or salt stress as they provide stress tolerance to cell without interfering cellular function. We developed our biostimulant, Asset, which is one a of a group of these osmolyte compounds and is extracted from a plant species which has naturally occurring high levels.

Asset helps overcome plant stress and aids recovery by:

  • Osmotic Regulation
  • Cell Membrane Protection
  • Reduction in Free Radical Production
  • Protection of Photosynthetic Biochemical Pathways

Asset is used to coat our ImpactPlus fine turf fertilisers, as well as is more of our biostimulant products. The ImpactPlus range has been developed to promote healthy, strong turf, with the biostimulant coating enhancing the benefits to the turf. Comprising a number of different nutrients in a variety of formulations, our ImpactPlus range is highly effective on all soil types with differing base nutrient levels, and are all coated in our Asset biostimulant to help improve turf vigour and root density.

Our biostimulamt, Asset, has been proven in independent trials to increase ground cover of newly sown seed, increase levels of growth and recovery and improve root density, the trial results can be seen below. Trials were undertaken using our ImpactPlus products and a control NPK product without the Asset coating.

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Update – Independent Solar Pro-Active Trials

Indigrow’s range of formulated biostimulants have been proven to enhance crop establishment and performance, achieving great results in independent tests. Rate of application is crucial and therefore to assist growers in terms of optimum usage rates independent trials were commissioned with Levity Crop Science.

The specialist crop science team at Levity undertook the bioassay work to establish the impact of a range of application rates against a control on root structure and the implications to establishment, nutrient and water uptake.

The Aim

To analyse the effect of the bio-stimulant Solar ProActive on the root development and structures of a grass Lolium when applied at a range of rates.

Analytical Methods

The Levity root growth bioassay protocol is based on controlled conditions combined with high definition image analysis and sophisticated analytical software, to evaluate how exposure to products affects root growth and architecture. At least 5 replicates per treatment to guarantee whether differences seen are statistically significant or not.


The Solar Pro-Active has appositive effect on root length and root hair production resulting in an overall increase in the root network volume. The most consistent and largest impact was found between 0.4 L/ha and 2.5 L/ha see Fig below.Benefits

Solar Pro-Active will increase the grass ability to access deeper soil layers of water and increase overall root volume to enhance nutrient uptake from very early in the crops establishment.

There is little effect of Solar Pro-Active on tiller height. At recommended application rates it is predicted that turf will not need increased mowing frequencies, whilst the enhanced nutrient uptake from the longer roots will help improve overall plant health.Conclusions

Within 2 weeks of growth, Solar Pro-Active has the following effects on individual roots:

  • Increased root length
  • Increased root hair growth
  • Reduced root width
  • Suppression of lateral rooting (reduced number of connected components)

Solar Pro-Active has the following beneficial effects on the root network:

  • Increased network area
  • Increased network perimeter
  • Increased network length
  • Increased network volume

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The Importance of Wetting Agents in a Dry Summer – Garesfield Golf Club

Garesfield Golf Club have used Indigrow products for several years and have stepped up their usage and variety of products every year. Since the beginning of the season, they have used a range of granular fertilisers, wetting agents and OneShot products on their greens and tees to maintain an excellent standard for their members.

The programme was started in early March with an application Impact Organic 14-2-8 Fine at 35 g/m². The sole granular application was used to kick start the growing period after a winter of very unfavourable conditions, which included serval weeks of snow cover.

One temperatures rose, an initial wetting agent application of Magnum 357 Calibre was applied, in a tank mix with three OneShot products; Solar Pro-Active OneShot, Compass Bio-Active OneShot and Magnum Forty-Four OneShot. All of the OneShot products were applied at the recommended rate of 4 sachets/ha.

The tank mix applications were applied monthly during the growing season.

Head Greenkeeper, Chris Wood, told us: “During the current period of sustained dry weather, it’s clear to see that the water holding technologies of Magnum 357 Calibre have maintained the correct moisture levels in the greens as these have kept their colour and playability.

Budgetary restraints and a lack of irrigation system have prevented Chris (Head Greenkeeper) from being able to keep colour on the surrounds and fairways during this sustained dry period, however, as soon as rain falls, it’s expected that the turf will make a full and swift recovery.

Chris also reported this year that the combination of products used has led to significantly less demand for fungicide and has vastly reduced his applications of iron due to the increased disease resistance from the mix of products applied.

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Compass Bio-Active – Independent Laboratory Trials

Compass seaweed products from Indigrow

Indigrow have worked to develop a range of seaweed products – to help evaluate their performance, they enlisted the help of Levity Crop Science.

Independent Lab Trials

Levity have a specialist team of scientists that have the know-how to test crop nutrition, biostimulants and stress tolerance products. They run experiments on nutrient and biostimulants week in week out, and have developed world class experimental techniques unique to Levity.

The Aim

To analyse the effects of the growth enhancer ‘Compass Bio-Active OneShot’ on the turf grass Lolium, at a range of application rates above and below the recommended rate of 4 sachets per hectare (0.8kg/Ha w/v in 300L water). The major focus of this work is on the early growth and morphology of roots.

Analytical Methods

Root growth bioassay uses controlled conditions combined with high definition image analysis and sophisticated analytical software, to evaluate how exposure to products aff­ects root growth and architecture. They used at least five replicates per treatment to guarantee whether diff­erences seen are statistically significant or not.


Compass Bio-Active OneShot significantly increases root length, total network length and perimeter within the first two weeks of growth. It also significantly increases the growth of tillers at the recommended application rate. The conclusions drawn by Levity Crop Science indicated that, when applied at the recommended application rate, Compass Bio-Active OneShot will increase the ability of turf grass roots to scavenge deeper soil for water and nutrients from an early stage in their growth development.

Benefits of Compass Seaweed Products

Compass seaweed products utilise the latest cold cell burst technology and are available in granular, liquid or soluble formulations. As shown in the trials undertaken, they also help to stimulate root growth and are manufactured from a renewable and sustainable source.

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Magnum 357 Calibre – Triple Action Wetting Agent

Magnum 357 Calibre is a new technology advanced water management tool. Combining three different surfactant technologies it provides even spreading over turf surface, efficient water penetration and water holding capacity through the use of reverse block co-polymers to help cure hydrophobic soils.

Research & Development

Research has been a major factor in the improvement and increased use of wetting agents. Indigrow has been at the forefront of this research, leading to high quality products which utilise the latest triple – surfactant technologies and market leading highly concentrated penetrants.

What is Water Repellency?

As soils dry out, hydrophobic compounds polymerize and water repellency increases.  Once a critically low moisture content is reached, soils shift from wettable to non-wettable, impacting infiltration and unsaturated flow in affected soils.

Water Repellency Testing

Using the ‘Molar Ethanol Droplet (MED) Test’ developed by King, 1981, we tested the water repellency of the soil. We compared a control soil with that of Magnum 357 Calibre and a market leading competitor’s product. A soil was chosen from a golf course known to have severe problems with hydrophobic soils and water penetration.

Using a dropping pipette, a number of drops of the lowest concentration (0.1 M) water/ethanol mix was placed on the surface and the time taken for these to penetrate noted. The strength of the solution was increased in steps of 0.1 M until the droplet passed into the soil in less than 5 seconds.


When using the MED test the scale used ranges from 0 M > 4 M, with 0 M indicating highest permeability and 4 M highest hydrophobicity. The control soil scored 3.5 M confirming that it was highly hydrophobic. Individual trays of the soil were then treated with the two wetting agents at recommended rates of application and the MED test repeated after 24 hours.


24 hours after treatment, the test was repeated and the soils which had received Magnum 357 Calibre and the market leader were able to be penetrated with pure water without the addition of ethanol in under 5 seconds and hence scored zero on the scale. The treated soils were left for 7 days and the test repeated. Again, both wetting agents scored zero. Magnum 357 Calibre is therefore as effective as the market leader in curing soil hydrophobicity and allowing water penetration, even on root zone types which are known to be very resistant to water movement.


The photos below show our real world trials using Magnum 357 Calibre and Magnum Forty Four. The left hand image shows the green before treatment, and the right hand image shows the greens after receiving a targeted wetting agent programme comprising of Magnum 357 Calibre and Magnum Forty Four, along with Indigrow Solar foliar feeds over a 6 month period.

Further trials are currently underway in Australia, comparing plots treated with Magnum 357 Calibre, the market leading product (Product R) and an untreated control area.

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Indigrow Celebrates 25 Years in Business

On the 1st March 2018 Indigrow Ltd celebrated it’s 25-year anniversary in the sports turf industry. Indigrow commenced business in Reading, Berkshire (UK) in the Spring of 1993 and during the last 25 years has grown into a worldwide organisation. It services now include the sports turf industry and a range of agricultural industry sectors, now operating in over 40 countries throughout the Far East, Middle East and Europe. The current head office location is Brimpton, Berkshire (UK), with a further three regional offices within its area of trade and a total of over 40 personnel across the globe.

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we organised a charity evening in aid of the NSPCC, raising over £620.00 in the process. Every member of our European team managed to make the event, despite the heavy snowfall, and the evening was a great success.

In the last 25 years, Indigrow has developed a reputation for innovative and pioneering technologies in the world of sports turf and agriculture, all stemming from the slogan “growth through innovation”. It is this thought process that drives the business forward. The product development cycle hasn’t shown any signs of slowing and new products and technologies are being launched all the time to cover the climates in which our customers now operate. These varied climates have led to the development of products specifically to suit cold, wet winters and hot dry summers throughout the world.

One of our latest innovation involves our range of super concentrated OneShot products. From penetrant wetting agents, through pH adjusters to seaweeds and amino acids, the OneShot range was developed with the environment in mind. Minimal packaging waste, reduced transport costs and improved water conservation were at the forefront of the development plan.

For more information on our products, please contact your local sales representative, call the head office on +44 (0) 1189 710 995 or email us on

If you’re interested in the fantastic work of the NSPCC, you can find out more on their website here: