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Increase Early Season Microbial Activity

Indigrow Product Compass Start

Microbes living in turfgrass rootzones play an important part in maintaining healthy turf. It’s important to ensure that these microbes have a good food source to help them maintain their population.

There are three types of microbe, split into their ecological functions: decomposers, mineralisers and growth promoters.

Decomposers: it is important for plants to have organic materials available to them in a form which they can utilise. The decomposer microbes (along with earth worms and arthropods) help to break down all of the rich organic material in the root zone into a form which can be utilised by the plant, otherwise it would be unavailable.

Mineralisers: these microbes help to turn organic matter into minerals which plants need and into a form which they can utilise. The most important part of this process is nitrogen mineralisation, which breaks down organic nitrogen into ammonium, which can be absorbed by the plant.

Growth Promoters: the plant growth promoting bacteria have to work in association with the turf grass plant, to ensure that they have the requirements they need to help promote a natural form of disease resistance and stress relief.

Developing a product which can carry out all three of these requirements was top of the agenda when looking at the raw materials used in one of our newest innovations.

We have utilised the many well known benefits of molasses, along with the well documented benefits of seaweed in conjunction with one another to develop an ideal early season product, which can help increase the number of beneficial microbes growing in turf grass rootzones.

Benefits of Molasses in Cold Weather

As soil temperatures start to rise plant roots will naturally release carbohydrates  from the roots to kick start microbial activity. By applying a readily available carbohydrate source early in the spring this activity can be brought forward so it occurs at lower temperatures.

Early Season Benefits of Seaweed

The seaweed used in the Compass products, including Compass Start, is extracted from the plant using the latest cold cell burst technology. This technology is designed to keep all of the marine molecules intact, allowing them to maintain their bioactive properties. Compass seaweed extract is rich in alginic acid, mannitol, amino acids, minerals and other plant hormone-like molecules.

Applications of seaweed during cooler periods can be of particular benefit turfgrass due to it’s naturally occurring characteristics including promoting excellent wear and recovery characteristics, which have increased importance when the turfgrass is growing less quickly.

Compass Start

Indigrow Product Compass Start to help with early season microbial activity
Compass Start is a blend of seaweed and molasses

Compass Start is a blend of seaweed and molasses, ideal for use as an early season feed. It helps to boost microbial activity in the soil and encourage root development. The molasses provide an excellent food source of carbon, sugars and carbohydrates for soil microbes. Compass Start will also help increase resistance to stress and disease as well as strengthening roots to resist nematode damage.

  • Contains seaweed, molasses and wetting agent for an improved playing surface
  • Greatly increases root mass and beneficial soil bacteria
  • Unlocks locked-up nutrients in the soil into readily available forms
  • Increases resistance to stress and disease

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