• A readily plant available source of potassium
  • Provides firmer fruit and vegetables which demand a higher market price
  • Reduces cation leaching, as well as the risk of potassium loss
  • Can be applied to alkaline and salt-affected soils to help lower the pH level at the root surface

Indiplex Bud is special EDTA chelated combination of Boron, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper and Iron balancing the relation between these elements. It was formulated to correct multi nutritional deficiencies in all crops but specially fruit and tropical trees. Indiplex Bud combines microelements that play an important role in both flower and vegetative bud development improving pollination, minimising the early drop of the small fruits and reducing terminal bud necrosis. In vegetables and fruit trees, Indiplex Bud helps to prevent cracking, malformation and necrosis of fruits to maximise the commercial value of the crop.