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Video – The Benefits of Magnum 357 Calibre

Indigrow Product Magnum Calibre 10 Litres

Magnum 357 Calibre

Our most recent and advanced formulation wetting agent is Magnum 357 Calibre.

Magnum 357 Calibre is a blend of non-ionic surfactants and contains 100% active ingredients. With three active ingredients and three modes of action, this 100% biodegradable product is ideal to maintain the correct balance of water in the soil profile.

Magnum 357 Calibre combines three different surfactant types to provide even water spreading over the turf surface, efficient water penetration and water holding capacity through the use of reverse block co-polymers. Magnum 357 Calibre will regulate the moisture content to give more uniform moisture percentages across the turf surface, through the soil profile, holding water on a molecular level. Once the ideal 15-20% moisture content has been reached, 357 Calibre will ensure even water flow throughout the rootzone, so preventing excess moisture build-up.

More information about Magnum 357 Calibre can be found here: Magnum 357 Calibre

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