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Improve Uptake Efficiency with Solar Foliar Feeds

Indigrow Product Solar N (Nitrogen)

Foliar feeding ensures that nutrients are taken up by the leaf, and not by the plants root system. Research shows that different nitrogen sources are take up at different rates, and our formulations have been developed to take account of this.

Fertiliser enters leaf through microspores which are negatively charged. Nitrate nitrogen (NO3-) is also negatively charged and is therefore repelled by the leaf which explains why significantly lower amounts were taken up compared to the positively charged ammonium nitrogen (NH4+) and zero charged urea nitrogen. Urea nitrogen has the lowest salt index and shows limited or no phytotoxicity.

Uptake Efficiency

The efficiency of uptake of many nutrient elements is enhanced by a slightly acidic solution and, where possible, formulations are buffered to take account of this. The spreading action of the surfactants allows uptake though the cuticle of the leaf and does not limit penetration to the stomata.

Graph showing the effect of water uptake from our Foliar Feeds

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