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        Introducing SolarMax: Gel Technology Foliar Feeds

        Introducing SolarMax: Gel Technology Foliar Feeds

        Indigrow are delighted to introduce SolarMax, a ground-breaking advancement building on the success of our Solar foliar range.

        The latest development in our formulation technology allows our SolarMax products to offer a significantly higher level of nutrients within the formulations. In addition to this increased nutrient content, the latest co-formulants used within the formulation ensure an even higher rate of nutrient uptake by the turf grass plant.

        What prompted this development?

        Unpredictable weather patterns are increasingly causing challenges for turf managers. Heavy or persistent rainfall and shortened spray windows mean it can be difficult to ensure the products you apply can have the desired effect.

        You need a product that is flexible, efficient, and able to deliver lasting effects and benefits to the grass plant, while also being environmentally aware.  SolarMax is your solution.

        This new range of products, developed in-house by Indigrow, offer:

        • Precision delivery of concentrated nutrients
        • Maximised nutrient efficiency
        • Reduction in thatch build up
        • Flexibility of use
        • Environmentally friendly nutrition

        Maximised Nutrient Use

        The SolarMax range utilises the latest gel technology to increase nutrient concentrations within the product. The gel formulation adheres to the leaf better than a standard foliar feed, this ensures a greater proportion of the nutrients applied can be taken up by the plant. This increased nutrient efficiency means less product is required over time, reducing the volume of fertiliser required to keep the plant healthy, offering both environmental and cost and time saving benefits.

        Retention of Nutrients

        SolarMax’s formulation actively prevents leaching into the soil, to improve product efficiency and reduce environmental risks. While most nutrients applied via SolarMax products will be taken up by absorption through the leaf, poor weather conditions or a lack of sward density, mean some nutrients will reach the soil too. SolarMax’s formulation contains surfactants that hold nutrients within the upper rootzone, where root uptake is highest, to ensure they are used by the plant. This reduces the negative effects of leaching from the soil while also increasing the efficiency of the product.

        Diagram showing how SolarMax minimises leaching

        Increased Chlorophyll Content

        SolarMax gel products can increase chlorophyll content of turf grass plants, thanks to elevated nitrogen content.

        Trials found that the application of SolarMax increased the chlorophyll content of turf grass plants, compared to traditional fertiliser applications, particularly when used over an extended period post-application. This effect is thanks to the elevated nitrogen content in SolarMax N, SolarMax NPK, and SolarMax Mg products, promoting increased chlorophyll synthesis and enhanced photosynthesis.

        Increased levels of chlorophyll improve the plant’s ability to convert light into energy through photosynthesis. The plant is then able to produce more glucose, serving as a source of energy for growth and metabolic processes. Higher chlorophyll levels are linked to more efficient nutrient uptake, particularly nitrogen. This contributes to better overall growth of the shoots and roots. Extensive trials have shown that SolarMax products increase both shoot weight and root length.

        Reduced Thatch Accumulation

        While SolarMax promotes plant growth, it also limits increases in thatch accumulation typically arising from such growth. The products’ gel formulation offers a more uniform and controlled nutrient release pattern, preventing peaks in soil salt content. This helps to minimise thatch accumulation, meaning a reduction in thatch removal practices.

        Trials measured thatch layer levels across a range of test plots. In those treated with a traditional soluble NPK fertiliser we saw rapid nutrient assimilation, causing peaks in soil salts and leading to increased plant mass but reduced root growth. As such, the plots treated with soluble fertiliser exhibited higher thatch layers compared to those treated with SolarMax products.

        Ease and Flexibility of Use

        The SolarMax formulation includes dispersion agents and nutrients that are 100% soluble, delivering an even dilution of the product within the spray tank. This ensures a consistent and uniform application of the product, promoting optimal uptake across the turf surface. The new formulations are also sulphur- and chloride- free, ensuring a low salt index.

        Another advantage of SolarMax products is their ability to alleviate stress on grass plants during and after application. This remains consistent regardless of variations in soil or air temperatures at the point of application. The adaptability of the products allows for year-round usage in diverse climates, providing turf managers with a versatile and reliable solution for maintaining healthy surfaces.

        Environmental Benefits

        Organisations are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact, so procurement of products and materials that are sustainable is a consideration for many turf managers. The SolarMax range helps to meet this challenge by providing the following:

        • Limiting packaging – through more concentrated products
        • Requiring less water during production
        • Decreasing haulage and emissions – through lighter packages and fewer deliveries overall
        • Increasing nutrient uptake and retention – less nutrient leaching

        Why SolarMax?

        Along with all the benefits outlined in this article, our latest SolarMax formulations contain a dispersion agent to ensure excellent dissolution within the spray tank to ensure consistent application. The new formulations are also sulphur and chloride free and offer a very low salt index. These latest formulations will not stress the turf grass plant at any point, regardless of soil or air temperatures at the point of application, ensuring they can be used all year round in all climates.

        For further information, please contact our technical team with your questions: [email protected]

        The SolarMax Range of products
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