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        The benefit of sustainable organic acid on sports turf

        RePhlex LS is an incredibly versatile product which has been developed to improve nutrient use efficiency and water management within the soil environment.

        RePhlex LS contains lignosulfonic acid, a modified organic acid derived from lignin. The lignosulfonic acid is extracted as a by-product of wood pulp processing, making it a natural and renewable resource.

        RePhlex LS is particularly useful when applied in early season cold or cool conditions to ensure your soil is in the optimum condition to receive, and make the most of, your fertiliser inputs.

        Improved Water Percolation

        RePhlex LS has a surfactant effect when applied, this helps to spread the product across the surface and down into rootzone to provide it’s benefits across the whole of the rhizosphere. The added benefit of this is water can also penetrate the turf surface more easily and evenly percolate into the rootzone. This is particularly useful in the early part of the season when uneven percolation of water can lead to localised dry patch and irregular growth of the turf. This ‘wetting’ of the entire rhizosphere also means that the soil is primed to receive your vital first fertiliser applications of the season.

        Reduced Leaching of Nutrients

        An additional water management benefit of RePhlex LS is that it slows down the passage of water as it percolates through the rootzone. This is beneficial as it allows more time for the solubilisation and uptake of plant nutrients by the roots. The product will not halt drainage, it only slows it, to a level which is beneficial to the plant. This can benefit the turf during extended dry periods and following heavy rain, where nutrients are flushed from the soil, making them unavailable for use by the grass plant. This ensures that your fertiliser inputs are not wasted, and you can maximise nutrient use efficiency.

        Effect of Calcium Release

        Once in the soil RePhlex LS reacts with carbonates and bicarbonates to solubilise them which the plant can then take up as calcium. Calcium is vital for turf health as it plays a crucial role in cell wall structure, enhancing cell strength and resilience and promoting vigorous root and shoot growth. Calcium also has a positive effect on the soil, flocculating soil particles which improves the structure and porosity of the soil. This provides a more favourable environment for roots and beneficial soil microbes.

        Source of Organic Carbon

        RePhlex LS will provide a source of organic carbon to the soil that serves as an energy source for beneficial soil microbes. Beneficial soil microbes are essential for nutrient cycling, improving soil structure, and promoting plant health through various mechanisms such as disease suppression and nitrogen fixation. They play a crucial role in enhancing soil fertility by decomposing organic matter and releasing essential nutrients.

        Increase in Soil Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)

        The organic carbon within RePhlex LS increases the CEC of soils. A soil’s CEC is a measure of its ability to hold and exchange positively charged ions (cations) such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, crucial for plant nutrient uptake; increasing CEC is important as it enhances nutrient retention, improves soil fertility, and helps sustain optimal conditions for plant growth. This allows your soil to make better use of both liquid and granular fertilisers, particularly if there is a dry, cold spell of weather at the start of the season.

        Reduced Soluble Salts

        When RePhlex LS reacts with the carbonates and bicarbonates in the soil, it produces free soluble calcium. The free soluble calcium displaces sodium that is bound to soil particles, allowing the sodium to then be leached from the soil. High sodium levels in soil can degrade soil structure, hinder water infiltration, and reduce nutrient availability.

        Amending Irrigation Water pH

        As water scarcity rises, there is an increasing reliance on boreholes and wastewater, often containing lower-quality water that necessitates treatment to eliminate undesirable carbonates and bicarbonates. Elevated pH levels in irrigation water can lead to soil alkalinity, adversely impacting nutrient availability and potentially causing deficiencies in turf. Unlike existing products such as nitric, phosphoric, and sulphuric acids, all posing hazards to turf, users, and the environment, RePhlex LS provides an organic solution. It allows you to lower the pH of irrigation water, enhancing turf health without posing threats to users or the environment.

        The effect of RePhlex LS on water pH to be used as a sustainable organic acid
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