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NEW PRODUCT: Impact Fertiliser Spreaders

Indigrow Product: Impact S45 Spreader

The new Impact Spreaders are our latest innovation to ensure accurate spreading of Indigrow fertilisers, helping to ensure maximum nutrient use efficiency. The newly developed agitation system helps to improve the flow of fertiliser from the hopper to the ground, whilst the ergonomic handles and large pneumatic wheel ensure that the Impact Spreaders are easy to use.

All of the materials to build our fertiliser spreaders are of the highest quality and each product is tested before it leaves the factory. The products were rigorously tested during the development and design phase to ensure that there are no weak points and the products are of the highest expected standard.

Impact P45 Spreader
Impact S45 Spreader

The major benefits of choosing an Impact fertiliser spreader from Indigrow are:

  • Offers accurate fertiliser application
  • Help to maximise nutrient use efficiency
  • Applies small or large granules with ease
  • Large 45kg hoppers and ergonomic handles

A spreader settings chart is available for the use of all Indigrow fertilisers in the Impact Spreaders. This can be found by following this link.

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