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OneShot – An Environmentally Friendly Choice

The OneShot range is a unique collection of concentrated products packaged in easy-to-use, no-mess sachets. All of the OneShot products are now supplied in a liquid form with the same application rate for added simplicity.

Our OneShot products are packed in convenient, pre-measured sachets for direct addition to the spray tank, preventing the need to measure out liquids from larger containers. The simple tear top sachets ensure these products are simple to open and use.

All of the OneShot products are fully tank mixable with each other, and can be used in any combination. They can be used to enhance virtually any tank mix, with a full range of options available.

The Range

There are seven products in our OneShot range to offer the modern turf manager ultimate flexibility. These products include a seaweed extract, a trace element package, a penetrant wetting agent, phosphite, and amino, fulvic and humic acids.

The OneShot Indigrow range

Environmentally Friendly

These exceptionally environmentally-friendly products offer a significant reduction in packaging waste and transport costs. In turn they offer the turf manager a very low cost and effective method of adding penetrant wetting agent, bio-stimulants, macro or micro nutrients and other additives to any spray tank mix.

Due to the concentrated nature of the OneShot products, they are supplied in small sachets. The concentrated products offer significant weight savings over their traditional liquid equivalents. These smaller sachets offer a huge environmental benefits in haulage, reducing haulage weight and therefore emissions and cost savings.

The OneShot products also offer cost savings after they have been used. The sachets are much easier to dispose of than conventional drums and barrels, offering the turf manager additional savings on disposal costs.

The environmentally friendly nature of these products does not end there. As they are highly tank mixable, they can be applied at the same time as other products, offering a reduction in emissions from sprayers, as well as a considerable saving on water use.

OneShot Tank Mixes

Tank mix compatibility is another major benefit of the OneShot range. All seven of the products are fully compatible in a spray tank mix. We have used this tank mix compatibility to offer a range of application programmes to help turf managers with a range of turf management issues.

Root Development

Root development is an important part of turf management. Whilst the aesthetic appearance is often considered most important by players and spectators, it is root growth which provides the stability to the playing surface. Expanding and enhancing root growth allows the plant to absorb more water and nutrients, essential to top growth and the required aesthetic appearance.

Nutrient Use Efficiency

Our programme to deliver increased nutrient use efficiency is based around boosting the availability of nutrients in the soil through the use of humic acids, effective water management and adding additional macro and micronutrients to boost the natural supply. The macro nutrients and humic acid in Humik NPK OneShot enhance nutrient availability for exchange in the rhizosphere they provide additional support in the soil for cation exchange capacity. The Addition of Fusion Tracer OneShot ensures that all of the micronutrients required by the turf are available to be used. As a lack of excess water also has an impact on nutrient availability, the addition of Magnum Forty-Four OneShot assists in helping remove excess water from the rootzone, through increased water penetration.


Our efficient anti-stress tank mix, includes seaweed, amino acids, humic acids and fulvic acids. This combination offers the turf grass plant all of the requirements to provide efficient recovery after periods of abiotic stress. This package helps to strengthen the plant and offer recovery from adverse climactic conditions, whilst also providing an invigorating and stimulating effect.

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