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Magnesium & Chlorophyll

Magnesium is an essential component of the Chlorophyll molecule which provides the aesthetic green shades which enhance the player experience as well as the fundamental metabolic process of photosynthesis. Magnesium also plays a key role in Nitrogen metabolism.

Along with the main roles of magnesium in plants in the formation of chlorophyll it is also has a role  of enzyme activators.  Photosynthesis, protein formation and energy transfer all depend to a degree on an adequate supply of magnesium.

It is taken up by plants as the ion Mg2+ and is mobile once in the plant, so can move from older to younger tissues. Deficiency therefore tends to be seen first in the older leaves when the concentration in the dry matter falls below 0.2% Mg.

“Hidden hunger” is often used to describe when plants have a subclinical deficiency of a key nutrient which may have not manifested as such but not reached low levels resulting in yellowing limp leaves.

There are many factors which may create such an underlying issue in quality sports turf leading to a reduction in quality and aesthetics.

Magnesium in the Soil

Soil usually contains between 0.05 and 0.5% total Mg but only a small proportion is in forms available for plant uptake. These figures may be slightly exaggerated on sand based turf. Available magnesium is in the soil solution and it is held on the exchange sites of clays and organic matter (“exchangeable magnesium”), like potassium. However, unlike potassium, magnesium does not move from the non-exchangeable to the exchangeable forms easily.

Magnesium is an essential plant nutrient and a deficiency will affect turf quality and growth.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is a true foliar feed, containing magnesium in a readily available form. This sulphur free formulation containing a high concentration of magnesium is ideal to enhance turf colour through the increased production of chlorophyll.

The high magnesium content also helps the turf grass plant to increase protein synthesis and enzyme activity. Solar Energy will also improve the utilisation of phosphorous already available in the soil.

The formulation allows for quick uptake of both magnesium, along with nitrogen. Once the readily available magnesium has been taken up by the plant, it will help promote increased utilisation of the potassium already in the soil.

The product supplies much needed Magnesium to enhance chlorophyll metabolism in a predictable manner increasing aesthetic quality and growth. The flexible application rates of Solar Energy provide both early growth and winter hardiness.

More information about Solar Energy can be found on the product page by following this link.

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