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Plant available Amino Acids with Turbine Amino OneShot

Amino acid molecule figure

Amino Acids

Amino acids play an important role in professional sports turf management. They help to create a more effective growing environment for turf as well as offering a wide range of commonly researched stress relieving properties. Turf can absorb amino acids through stomata and through the roots.

Protein Synthesis

It is important to ensure enough amino acids are applied to turf as the amino acids are an essential part of the protein synthesis process.

Stress Relief

As well as protein synthesis, amino acids help turfgrass deal with a range of stresses. These stresses can include; extremes of temperature, high or low humidity, high levels of use and wear, fungal diseases and pest attack.

The “right” Amino Acids

There are many amino acids available, but only around 22 of these amino acids are important to turfgrass. These important amino acids need to be applied to the plant in the form of L-amino acids – these L-amino acids are the only form which can be used by the turfgrass plant.

Turbine Amino OneShot

Turbine Amino OneShot contains 37.5% w/w L-amino acids. As all of the amino acids contained within the product are L-amino acids, they can all be absorbed and used by the turf. The table below shows the full breakdown of the available L-amino acids contained within Turbine Amino OneShot:

AminogramTurbine Amino w/w%
Glutamic Acid6.73
TOTAL Amino Acids37.53

High Levels of Glutamic acid, Glycine and Proline are most important for stress relief and biostimulation, and these can all be found in Turbine Amino OneShot.

Agronomic Benefits of Amino Acid Application

It has been shown that applications of the readily available L-amino acids can provide better seedling establishment.

These L-amino acids can also offer excellent recovers from known stresses like close mowing or herbicide application when applied in advance of expected stresses. They can also offer recovery from heat stress, particularly when temperatures rise above 20°C, as above this temperature, there can be a reduction of available amino acids for the turf.

Research also shows that applications of amino acids, like Turbine Amino OneShot, can help increase resistance to turfgrass diseases like Dollar Spot and Michrodocium. Regular applications of amino acids are required to achieve these increases in disease resistance.

Cost Effective Application Method

Turbine Amino OneShot is supplied in small sachets which improve usability, decrease transport emissions and offer very low application rates. The small, concentrated sachets can be used at a much lower application rate than many alternative products, which results in significant cost savings to the modern turf manager.

For further information on Turbine Amino OneShot, or to see further information on our comparisons with alternative products, please contact us on: [email protected]

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