ImpactPlus Accelerate 14-0-12

Accelerate 14-0-12 has been designed to provide recovery and early green up of greens, tees and fairways. It provides an acidifying effect and can be used on soils with high pH levels. Accelerate 14-0-12 has 1.2% organic nitrogen and contains added potassium for improved wear tolerance and greater disease resistance.

  • Designed for use on greens, tees and fairways
  • Micro-prill homogenous fertiliser
  • Swiftly dispersing granule minimises mower pickup
  • Helps limit disease during periods of high pathogen activity

Click here to download the ImpactPlus Accelerate 14-0-12 SDS


Characteristic Value
Approx. Longevity 4-6 weeks
SGN/particle size 100
Cutting height >2mm
Nitrogen source 10.2% ammonium, 2.6% urea, 1.2% organic
Guaranteed Analysis 14-0-12
Pack Size 20 kg
Coverage 500-1,000 m2
Application Information
Application Rate 20-40 g/m²
Water rate N/A
Method Spreader
Suggested Soil Temperature for Application (oC)
Minimum Optimum Maximum
5 16 30

Click here to download the ImpactPlus Accelerate 14-0-12 SDS

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

NPK Values

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