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Rockliffe Hall Golf & Spa Hotel – Product Testimonial

The five-star Rockliffe Hall Golf & Spa Hotel, situated on the County Durham and North Yorkshire border in the North East of England, has been a regular Indigrow customer for many years. They have tried, tested and regularly use a range of Indigrow products to help maintain an excellent playing surface for their guests.

More recently, they have adopted the OneShot range into their turf maintenance programme. This unique collection of products has helped them improve their playing surfaces by adding the variety of nutrients and biostimulants required by the turf.

The Green at Rockliffe Hall Golf & Spa Hotel

Jon Wyer, Head Greenkeeper, has utilised the full range of products in the OneShot range in his annual programme.

When asked about the range, Jon stated “The Indigrow One Shot Range has been an integral part of our stress management program throughout the summer months.  The concentrated sachets allow for easy storage and mixing, saving valuable time. The extensive range allows us to tailor various tank mixes to deal with the variable and unpredictable weather conditions.”

All of the products are used at the full four sachets per hectare rate to maximise nutrient input, and have led to some playing surfaces which their guests and members have thoroughly enjoyed playing on.

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