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Update – Independent Solar Pro-Active Trials

Indigrow’s range of formulated biostimulants have been proven to enhance crop establishment and performance, achieving great results in independent tests. Rate of application is crucial and therefore to assist growers in terms of optimum usage rates independent trials were commissioned with Levity Crop Science.

The specialist crop science team at Levity undertook the bioassay work to establish the impact of a range of application rates against a control on root structure and the implications to establishment, nutrient and water uptake.

The Aim

To analyse the effect of the bio-stimulant Solar ProActive on the root development and structures of a grass Lolium when applied at a range of rates.

Analytical Methods

The Levity root growth bioassay protocol is based on controlled conditions combined with high definition image analysis and sophisticated analytical software, to evaluate how exposure to products affects root growth and architecture. At least 5 replicates per treatment to guarantee whether differences seen are statistically significant or not.


Solar Pro-Active trials of network area

The Solar Pro-Active has appositive effect on root length and root hair production resulting in an overall increase in the root network volume. The most consistent and largest impact was found between 0.4 L/ha and 2.5 L/ha see Fig below.Benefits

Solar Pro-Active will increase the grass ability to access deeper soil layers of water and increase overall root volume to enhance nutrient uptake from very early in the crops establishment.

There is little effect of Solar Pro-Active on tiller height. At recommended application rates it is predicted that turf will not need increased mowing frequencies, whilst the enhanced nutrient uptake from the longer roots will help improve overall plant health.

Conclusions of Solar Pro-Active

Within 2 weeks of growth, Solar Pro-Active has the following effects on individual roots:

  • Increased root length
  • Increased root hair growth
  • Reduced root width
  • Suppression of lateral rooting (reduced number of connected components)

Solar Pro-Active has the following beneficial effects on the root network:

  • Increased network area
  • Increased network perimeter
  • Increased network length
  • Increased network volume

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