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Humik Fertilisers – a video discussion

Humik Fertilisers video discussion

During our visit to BTME 2022 we were approached by Turf Matters to discuss our latest products. Geoff Lloyd took time out of his schedule to talk to Scott MacCallum from the magazine to discuss our newest range of Humik fertilisers and their benefits for turf managers worldwide.

Our fertilisers based on humic acid are produced to have fully homogenous granules ensuring the accurate spread of nutrients. They contain high levels of organic matter to help improve all round soil health, with particularly strong effects on sand-based rootzones.

Watch the short video to find out more about our new range, Humik, humic acid based fertilsers:

More information on our range of Humik products can be found in our blog post on Alternative Raw Material Sources and Technologies for Slow-Release Outfield Granular Fertilisers and via the following link to the relevant section on our website.

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