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Ineos Golf – Product Testimonial

Ineos Golf in Newton Aycliffe have previously suffered severe problems with moss, disease and dry patch. Indigrow recommended a cost-effective application programme to head greenkeeper Shaun Collier in an attempt to resolve the pre-existing conditions.

The targeted wetting agent application programme began in April, using the recommended 20lt/ha of Magnum 357 Calibre. This was followed up by further applications at four-week intervals at 10lt/ha, following the guidelines set out by the Indigrow representative.

Head greenkeeper Shaun Collier stated: “I used Magnum 357 Calibre wetting agent on a programme throughout the growing season, to assist with our re-occurring dry patch problem. To date I have not had any issues with dry patch. I would without doubt recommend Magnum 357 Calibre to any other greenkeepers suffering with the same issues”.

The first fertiliser application of Impact Perk 4-0-14 was made in May 2017 at 35g/m². This application was aimed at reducing turf stress on the greens.

“I applied Impact Perk as a tonic/stress relief to my greens. The results after one week were far beyond my expectations. My greens have never responded so well and quickly to a granular fertiliser. I do believe this fertiliser contributed massively to my moss and disease control programme.

“The playing surface has been quoted to be “the best year to date” by our members. The use of Impact Perk with slow release iron raised questions about the drying out of my greens, as they suffer annually with severe dry patch, but the wetting agent programme utilising Magnum 357 Calibre prevented any dry patch occurring.”

Shaun also noted a cost saving to the club by using Magnum 357 Calibre and Impact Perk 4-0-14. With relatively low application rates, he was able to purchase less product, and the effective turf management programme recommended by Indigrow led to fewer man hours on the greens and less use of irrigation in maintaining the excellent playing surface.

Greens at Ineos Golf

Shaun Collier, Head Greenkeeper, Ineos Golf

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