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Maximise Water Use Efficiency

Indigrow Product Magnum Forty-Four 10Ltrs

Water management on managed turf grass is extremely important to ensure adequate water in the rhizosphere for nutrient uptake and overall metabolic function. Conversely ensuring rapid movement of excess water from surfaces is vital to maintain suitable playing surfaces. This is due to the fact that the balance of moisture plays a key role in reducing abiotic stress and preventing conditions that encourage biotic stress leading to conditions detrimental to turf quality.

The historical build-up of certain surfactant molecules that are not biodegradable in soil profiles has been a concern therefore every effort has been made to prevent this with Magnum Forty- Four. To that end it has been specifically designed and formulated as a biodegradable penetrant wetting agent with specific surfactant technology to open hydrophobic soil profiles and rapidly reduce excessive surface water.

Penetrant wetting agents, like Magnum Forty-Four, help each water droplet penetrate the soil more easily, helping water to move through the surface layer quickly, and keep the top surface dry. On hydrophobic soils, water remains on the surface in large droplets which cannot penetrate into the soil profile. Magnum Forty-Four helps to break down this large droplets, so that the water is spread more easily and thinly, allowing it to penetrate the soil profile and work its way through the root zone.

The research and development behind surfactant technologies has now provided molecules that are able to reduce the effects of hydrophobic soils to increase wetting and provide rapid even movement of moisture through the profile to prevent puddling and dry patches, particularly important in periods of excess rainfall or drought. Magnum Forty-Four is specifically designed to work as a penetrant wetting agent to encourage even quick water movement through hydrophobic soils.

Trials were undertaken at an independent laboratory to analyse the effectiveness of Magnum Forty-Four against a competitor product. The “droplet penetration test” method was used to evaluate the products, which were compared to water. Magnum Forty-Four outperformed the competitor product, even at lower than the currently recommended rates of application.

Magnum Forty-Four - highly effective in droplet penetration test

Magnum Forty-Four also increases the efficacy of irrigation water movement and enhances spread pattern and penetration of liquid fertilisers. It is fully tank mix compatible with the vast majority of the Indigrow range, including the Asset, OneShot, Solar and Fusion products.

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